‘Bout Me

Who I’m is? The timeless question asked by the sage Clifford Joseph Harris Jr.

Well, let’s see. I’m a lot of things: lawyer, millennial, GDI, woman, baker, smart-mouth, writer, moody, daughter, asshole, bougie chick, Spelmanite (yes those are two different things), smaht, American Airlines Executive Platinum member, black..ish, reader of things.

What I’m not: the one.

Anywho, I have been playing around in this writing game for a while. Back when I thought I wanted to be a journalist when I grew up, I wrote for the *illustrious* Maroon Tiger while in college in addition to interning for Vibe and Skirt!; I eventually put down my journalist hat to pick up my lawyer one. Now, I practice law in D.C., where I live. When I’m not working, reading things, or baking, you can find me in D.C. doing hoodrat stuff with my friends. I am also a huge bundle of contradictions, so don’t be surprised if I mention my love for Cher and Cardi B in the same sentence, or if I wax poetic about the virtue of serif fonts just before dropping the F bomb (sorry sensitive readers, but there will be F bombs, as necessary, on this blog).

A wise man once said, “if this is vice versa, I be an angel, ‘cuz I’m a devil, a Down South Georgia Rebel.” Apt description, if you ask me.