Erotic Stories!!!

Listen, Linda. Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows by Balli Kaur Jaswal. This book right here was one of my favorite things. Let me just give you the premise:

Punjabi widows living in a Sikh neighborhood in London join what they thought was an adult literacy class taught by a “modern” young Sikh woman named Nikki. After the widows accidentally get a hold of an erotic book Nikki has in her bag, they decide the class would be more fun if they came together every week and told erotic stories that they had written (or lived!) themselves.

Now, tell me that doesn’t sound like a good gaddamn time! This book was everything I needed these past couple of months and more. I found it via Amazon recommendations, which is how I know that the internet is the most amazing and also the scariest thing that has ever happened to us. I’ve bought enough books on Amazon now that it apparently knows my entire life, including all my hopes and dreams—and wants in books! Maybe by 2020, Google will be able to draft the outline for my best-selling autobiography for me just based off of the conversations its eavesdropped on and the emails its read.

Anyway, thanks, Amazon. This was a great pick. The book was funny and engaging and definitely gave me insight into the London Punjabi community that I never even knew I needed. I always love reading books that give me a sliver of what it’s like to walk in someone else’s shoes for a while, especially when those shoes are on the aisles that I never even walk down in the store. Nikki, the main character, is refreshing and relatable, and her interactions with these widows had me howling at loud on the metro during my work commute.

What’s more, some of the erotic stories were preeeetty good, man. Not that I even usually read erotic stories 👀, but they passed the snuff test to me! This is a good fall read. Get your copy of Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows, a good hot apple cider (with a splash of bourbon), and curl up in front of the fireplace for a perfect fall bookend.


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