New to the Bookends Shelf

I’m trying to get better about letting y’all know what I’m reading, what I’m contemplating reading, what recommendations I’ve gotten, and what I’ve added to my bookshelf recently. Amazon is my new best friend (except on Prime Day when I’m stuck looking at dog photos instead of getting my Fire TV, but hey), though I make regular trips to bookstores around D.C. to stay in the loop of book life in these streets—Politics and Prose is awesomely curated.

After finishing Crazy Rich Asians, I immediately ordered the next two books in the series, Rich People Problems and China Rich Girlfriend. Those are at the very top of my summer reading list, as soon as I finish my not-summery-at-all pick for this week, The Fountainhead (I know, I know, Ayn Rand is a mess, but I was still curious!).

As I was poking around Amazon, I got a couple of recommendations for books based on those I’ve already purchased, and two caught my eye. the first was Halsey Street by Naima Coster. Halsey Street is my stop on the J when I’m visiting my grandparents, who have lived in Bedstuy for 30 year…so you see, I basically had to buy this book. Plus, the author is a young woman with a Dominican background, and I would love to read from that perspective.

The second recommendation was A Place for Us by Fatima Faarheen Mirza. This novel piqued my interest when I saw that it was the first novel printed by Sarah Jessica Parker’s new imprint, SJP for Hogarth, which I hadn’t even known existed previously. The story follows an Indian family gathering for the wedding of a daughter who has broken tradition by marrying for love. I’ve read some great books this year by Indian (descendant) writers, and this novel will, hopefully, continue that streak.

Here’s to the next few weeks of reading!


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