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“Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears!”

Okay, seriously, I have some dopeness for you below. I am moving soon and decided that I want to be purposeful in creating my new space — which means that I need some bomb art for the spot. How can I read my novels in bliss if I’m not surrounding by beautifully artistic vibes and energy? So, I put the feelers out at the Facebook watering hole for some dope Black artists. Yes, here I go again with that pesky request for some Black sh!t. But listen, even when I made it clear that I was looking for Black art, 1) a white person commented to let me know that they did not know any Black artists and 2) most white people just didn’t comment. I barely had a single recommendation from a non-Black person. This is why I do this, man! Black people are awesome creators, and the world needs to know about us! Anywho, for your reference, in case you are trying to bring the good vibrations to your own life, I am sharing the wealth of knowledge that was dropped on me. There is some awesome stuff being created by the folks below, and though I can’t buy all of it (my coin purse ain’t on no Mary Poppins ish), hopefully someone reading this finds an artist here that they love and can support. I do not pretend to be an expert on Black art or art in general, just sharing some of the beautiful things that have come my way.


Cleva by Ashley Robertson, Shop here
  1. Arnold Butler – @ab2ether – http://www.ab2ether.com/
  2. Ashley Robertson of West Label Art – https://www.westlabelart.com/  (My Spelman sister, so I have to show love)
  3. Auzurea Stephens – @ArtByAuzurea (pretty dope and colorful art that speaks to Black women)
  4. Chilly O – @chillyolovesyou – https://www.artsy.net/artist/chilly-o
  5. Corey Davis – @whoiscoreydavis – http://www.iamcoreydavis.com/ (Does some great comics)
  6. D Hodges – @dhodges101 – http://distinctisland.com/ (does great things with colors, and will spice up some living art pieces for your home, such as hand-painted lamps)
  7. DeAnthony Dulaney – @Iam_diplomat – http://redcuprevoltart.bigcartel.com/
  8. Debbi Snax – @snaxink – http://www.snaxink.com/product-category/coloring-flash-books/ (Tattoo artist as well, and her paintings have a tattoo-come-to-life vibe)
  9. Donice Bloodworth Jr. – http://www.dacre8iveone.com/about (Awesome Portraits)
  10. Frank B – http://frankb.bigcartel.com/work
  11. Imani Shanklin Roberts – @imanisr – https://www.imaniniasr.com/
  12. Jamaal Newman – http://www.jlamaajstudio.com/ (painter of all things)
  13. Joe Medcalf – http://www.byjamedcalf.com/
  14. Jordan Casteel – @jordanmcasteel – http://www.jordancasteel.com/ (Recommended to me by multiple people!)
  15. Kayla Faery – @kaylashoots – https://www.kaylaestesphotography.com/
  16. Keef Cross – @keefcross – http://www.keefcross.com/
  17. Keenyah Brooks – http://www.artbykeenyahbrooks.com/ (Clay art)
  18. Kevon Richardson – @artbykr_ – http://www.kevonrichardsonphotography.com/untitled-title-page (photographer who has done some high-profile work)
  19. Kitti – @badbadkitti (has a kind of afro-futurism vibe)
  20. Lina Iris Viktor – http://www.linaviktor.com/painting/
  21. Lord Yatta – http://www.lordyatta.com/ (Does tattoo art as well)
  22. Maryam Ali – @m.z.a._ – https://www.chesapeakeavenue.com/ (film and photography)
  23. Miya Bailey – @miyabailey
  24. Oluseye – @lavishbat – http://www.olu-seye.com/ (Nigerian-Canadian artist who does interesting portraits)
  25. Paula Wilson – http://paulajwilson.com/ (painter)
  26. Peter Williams – http://peterwilliams.studio/ (Pretty cool abstracts and portraits)
  27. Pierre Jean-Louis – https://www.pierreartista.com/
  28. Richard Wilson Jr. – https://richardwilsonart.com/ (beautiful pastel paintings)
  29. Sanford Biggers – http://sanfordbiggers.com/ (awesome mixed media art)
  30. Sean Fahie – @seanfahie – http://www.sfahie.com/ (uses many media for art and has some really dope stuff on the graphic design side)
  31. Spencer Charles – @spencer_charles – http://www.thestuyvesant.com/ (amazing photographer who uses Black women his muse – I have his coffee table photobook!)Processed with VSCO with m5 preset
    Photograph by Spencer Charles, Shop here
  32. Vek Neal @vekneal – https://vekneal.carbonmade.com/
  33. W3st – http://w3start.bigcartel.com/ (some interesting abstract art)
  34. Whitney Austin – @whitney_austin – http://www.whitneyaustin.com/

*I will be updating this list periodically, so please feel free to send me the names and info of folks you know who are creating dopeness.


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  1. theanatomyofhappiness101 says:

    I find it an interesting initiative to share “black art”, and enjoyed most of the works you picked! I run a more scientific type of blog but you may want to stop by for some inspiration 🙂

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